30​.​11​.​06 (The Pain Of Reality)

by Far From Home

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And even though my eyes are closed...

I can still feel the pain of reality, that you arent going to be around,
Screaming this song wont change the past, but in my heart i can feel you,
(I hear the sound).
My heartbeat echoes every time I think about your face,
I think about misery, I think about disgrace.

Why is everything falling apart around me, will any kind of luck head my way?
Does it even come around at all? I ask myself these questions everyday.
My heartbeat echoes every time, I think about that day,
I think about my mistakes, I think about disgrace.

There's a long journey ahead, before I can dig out of this grave that I've made,
Please show me a sign, and tell me everything's going to be okay.
I'll embark upon this path made from the concrete of my past,
but the mist is blocking the way ahead but I'm afraid the ground wont last.
Crumbling beneath my feet, just like the walls of this, fucking grave that I made.
Its keeping me from moving forward, backwards is the only direction I'm climbing...
Progression is starting to fail, my heartbeat mirrors the steps I take, but I continue to tell this tale...


I will never know, where I should go, I will never know. I'm lost.
I will never know, where I should go, I will never know. I'm lost...
I'm lost... I'm Far From Home.


released July 28, 2014
Words by Joe Hibberson
Music written and performed by Far From Home
Recorded and Produced by James Hill @ Steel City Studios



all rights reserved


Far From Home Sheffield, UK

Melodic Hardcore from Sheffield, UK. Life In Black now available on all music platforms

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